About Us

Wellesley and Phoebe McGown have 27 years of experience in  most aspects of archery.  They still compete and have a host of trophies and medals to mark their success in competitions.

Their many achievements influenced their decision to develop a permanent indoor archery range to help widen archery as a sport for people of any age.

Initially opened in 1998 with the inclusion of a shop alongside the shooting facilities.  An outdoor range with a covered shooting bay was added in 1999.  To complete the facilities a 6 lane 30 meter indoor range was added in 2002.  This put the last touches to Wellesley and Phoebe’s dream.  Their vision of having a Centre of Excellence for the promotion and enjoyment of archery throughout Northern Ireland had now been realised.

The centre now gives archers local access to the best of both worlds.  Firstly archery equipment and amenities. Then secondly access to the knowledge and skills of Wellesley and Phoebe.